Universal Mind Lattice

Look upon the beings around you. They may look different, have opposite beliefs; but in the end we are all the same. Our human consciousness is what connects all of us, we are, in a way, the manifestation of this energy into individual bodies. The energy inside each of us though, is the same creative energy that makes up all that exists. Take this belief, and respect and unconditionally love the beings around you, as you unconditionally love yourself... But don't forget- unconditionally love yourself as you unconditionally love the beings around you. In this I pray and hope that humanity will raise its consciousness in order to be with a complete understanding of how and why we exist. With this understanding we will be able to overcome negative energies and turn this reality into a positive and happiness-filled existence.

May all beings exists in Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Understanding, Unity, Truth & Unconditional Love.